WELCOME! Thank you for your interest in the Pharaoh Hound Epilepsy Foundation. If you have an affected dog or a relative of one, we urge you to donate a blood sample to the University of Helsinki or Canine Epilepsy Network (CEN). Please consider what you can do to help defeat canine epilepsy. Some suggestions are included on the I WANT TO HELP! page. We need everyone who loves these beautiful dogs to get involved and work together to stop epilepsy. By giving blood for the research to find a genetic marker, a screening test may one day be developed to identify carriers and help researchers to better understand the cause of epilepsy. Until the day we have a screening test, our greatest weapon in the fight against canine epilepsy is sharing information so breeders can make more informed breeding choices. Thank you in advance for your support.

The Pharaoh Hound Epilepsy Foundation is a nonprofit corporation organized for the purposes of:


  • Increasing awareness and educating the public about epilepsy in Pharaoh Hounds.
  • Encouraging the confidential submission of blood samples for research purposes.
  • Supporting research to find a genetic marker and develop a screening test to identify carriers.
  • Locating affected dogs to obtain blood donations from the epileptic dogs and their 1st step relatives.
  • Reaching out to pet owners, professionals and others working with dogs to increase awareness of the threat of epilepsy and provide resources so they can help and stay informed.
  • Helping to find homes for epileptic dogs.

27 April 2012: Here is where we will post updates.